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Moving Timetable - 2 Weeks before Moving Date

  • All prescriptions should be transferred to a pharmacy in the new location.
  • In case you have a computer, the same should be disconnected and disassembled before your move. As a back up, all computer files should be copied on to a hard disk. It is preferable to take the files and disks with you in whatever mode of transportation you will be using to get to your new home.
  • Your home in its entirety should be cleaned up and cleared of any debris and junk especially the closets, basement and attic.
  • Disposal of items that are an environmental hazard or are dangerous to handle should not be moved to the new destination. The details about such items can be referred to in the "items not to pack" section. Some of the points are also illustrated as below:
    • All cleaning fluids which are non-toxic and non-flammable should be taped up and sealed in plastic bags to prevent any disaster.
    • Your lawn mower and other power tools, which run on oil and such products, should be drained of any fuel so as to ensure safe transportation.
    • Disconnect all the appliances before moving
  • In case of outside storage required you can contact the movers about the storage options available.
  • Following are points which need looked into 2 weeks before the moving day:
    • The vehicle to be used by you for your and family transportation should be sent for servicing and kept ready
    • Several deliveries like bread, milk, newspapers and other regular deliveries should be stopped and any left over dues paid off
    • The gym and school/college lockers of self and family should also be cleaned and the necessary items stored for moving purposes.